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Starting in late April, your 2023 Property Assessment notices will be mailed out. Remember, this is NOT your tax bill, this is just the assessment on your property. We will have open inspection this year from May 1st -15th from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday and special Saturday hours on May 7th and 14th from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. If you do not agree with your assessment, you will need to call us or come into our office to initiate the conference of your appeal. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here in the office or come by and see us. 502-863-7885



Per the Bluegrass Realtors Market Summary Report thru December, the median sale price of homes sold in Scott County during 2022 is 9% greater than the same time last year. Year to Date, the median sale price is $240,000 versus $220,000 last year. Sales activity occurring in 2022 will be used to develop assessed values in 2023.



If you moved or purchased a property this year we may not have your correct mailing address.

SO….go to PROPERTY SEARCH, type in the property address and verify the owners mailing address is correct. If it isn’t, give us a call at 502-863-7885.



Did you know, if you are 65 or older, or 100% Disabled and own your own home, you may qualify for the Homeowners/Disability exemption to help with your taxes.

To see if you qualify, click here for more information.


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A Message from John A. Burke, PVA


I have been employed with the Scott County PVA office for the past ten years and six years of that as the Chief Deputy. Before that I was a realtor for almost 10 years. This makes me very knowledgeable and confident when it comes to property values and the market here in our county.

As your new PVA it will be my honor to continue to serve my community as I have done in the past. I promise to continue with free access to our website for transparency. My team and I at the PVA office will always provide prompt and courteous service to the citizens of Scott County. To inform and educate the public of their taxpayer rights, and assess all property fair and equitably.

My goals moving forward, will be to continue training and education for myself and for the PVA staff to better meet the needs of the community, as well as to stay up to date with technology to run the office efficiently, while meeting all State deadlines.

Thank you,

John A. Burke



To promote better understanding of the Property Tax Process , the Kentucky Department of Revenue has developed a nice property tax website at  https://revenue.ky.gov/Property

It explains the property tax process, the tax calendar, assessments, tax rates and the billing process.

Check it out. I think you will find it informative. And remember your PVA staff is available to help with any property tax questions you may have too.

We are here Monday thru Friday 8:30-4:30


email: john.burke@ky.gov


What the role of an assessor is and how your home value is estimated?

The assessor has the responsibility per Section 172 of the Constitution of Kentucky, that requires all property to be assessed for taxation at its fair cash value. That value, along with the current tax rate for the year, determines the overall share of taxes you will pay. Because of this, it is important that your assessors/s are accurate and fair. It is also important that you, the homeowner, understand how the value of your property is estimated and what can cause it to change. Last month we hit on the question of what causes your property values to change, this month we turn that focus back around to how we estimate that value and the methods that are used to do this.

We examine and collect information on the physical characteristics of your property first. For residential properties, we take into account things like square footage of the house, acreage of land and other improvements to your property, including things like swimming pools, garages etc… For commercial properties that are income producing, we estimate the amount of income the property can generate. Location is also a key characteristic that we look at in determining the value. The assessor relies on recent sales as well. The assessor does all that he/she can to determine your property’s fair cash value based on the resources we have such as, deeds, plats, permits, field visits and aerial flight pictures. But we also rely on you, the homeowner, to keep us updated with any improvements that you make to your property, so we can continue to keep accurate records of the properties here in Scott County. Per KRS 132.220 it is the property owner’s responsibility to assure their property tax roll information is correct by March 1st each year. If you have any questions regarding your assessment of your property, you can call our office at 502-863-7885. We look forward to helping you understand your assessments each year.


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