What is a PVA?

The office of the Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) is a locally elected state office with County jurisdiction. The principal function of the PVA is to determine the Fair Cash Value of all real and personal property within the county. This fair cash value assessment is the basis for determining the ad valorem (according to value) tax which property tax is based on. The PVA does NOT set property tax rates or collect property taxes. The individual taxing entities (State Government, County Government, The School Board, Health Department Board, Library Board and Agricultural Extension Service) each determine the amount of revenue needed for their services and the tax rate is derived as a result of that need. Additionally, the cities of Georgetown, Stamping Ground and Sadieville set tax rates and collect taxes on real estate within their boundaries. The valuation of real property is not only the largest task of the Property Valuation Administrator; it is also the most complex. In addition to reassessing all properties annually each parcel must be physically viewed once every four years. The PVA must collect and maintain property characteristics for all parcels, maintain the property identification mapping system, and develop a comprehensive sales file with cost and income data where relevant. Other responsibilities include the initiation of preparing omitted or supplemental tax bills, handling exemptions based on age or disability, and also handling appeals of contested property values during the open inspection period. The office of the PVA is a publicly elected office, with elections held every four years.